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October Playlist 2021

It's been a busy month, but here's the music that I had on repeat for the majority of it...hopefully you'll find a new favourite here!

nothing, nowhere - Pieces Of You

Wallows - I Don’t Want To Talk

Mint Green - Holy

Between You & Me - Butterflies

Charlotte Sands - Bad Day

YONAKA - Raise Your Glass

Salem - Throat

CHVRCHES - Violent Delights

Bastille - No Bad Days

Sam Williams - Glasshouse Children

Kacy Hill - Dinner

Glacier Veins - Driveway

Ultra Q - It’s Permanent

Paramore - Turn it Off

Pom Pom Squad - Drunk Voicemail

Halsey - honey

Yours Truly - Siamese Souls

Grayscale - Dirty Bombs

Tonight Alive - Lonely Girl

Creeper - Down Below

Boston Manor - Algorithm

Listen to the October 2021 playlist on Spotify here.

Listen to the October 2021 playlist on YouTube here.

All After Midnight links here.

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