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After Midnight is a music blog for new and alternative music with interviews, reviews and playlists. My name is Elin, I started this blog as a way of sharing and discovering new music and sharing my passion with others. After Midnight started as a radio show on the local radio station in my hometown when I was 15, which then went on to be nominated for a Cardiff Music Award, coming in second place behind the BBC. This blog is an extension of that show for me and a way to go more in depth about what I talked about on air. I want this blog to be a space for anyone who wants a chance to write or take photos for a blog, or to promote their music. I think it's important to give a voice to those trying to break into the music industry and I want to help highlight their work. You may also find that there is not much of a structure to what is posted on the blog as it's a reaction to what's happening in the world within the industry, as well as a place to share what music I have really been loving. It's a blog built on a love for music and I want it to be a place for others to share their love of music as well. 

If you are interested in writing or taking photos for After Midnight then please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Similarly if you have music you want us to listen to and promote then please get in touch. 

About: About


Hi! My name is Elin and I founded After Midnight in January 2020.


I have recently finished my Music and Sound Production degree at University, where I focused my final year projects on Live Events. I now freelance in the music industry working a variety of roles from sound technician to merchandise manager on tours. 

I am very passionate about music, if you couldn't tell from this blog, and am always looking out for the best up and coming artists. 

I enjoy organising live music events, collecting vinyl and going to shows! 

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