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Interview with Alaina Pamela

Alaina Pamela's debut EP 'Depth Of My Heart' is out now, and it showcases the complex cycle of love, drawing inspiration from Alaina's own experiences and showcasing her unique blend of musical influences. I got to chat to Alaina about the EP, working with her husband on the songs and her future plans.

Hi Alaina, how are you?

I am doing really well! Thank you so much for having me! 

How would you describe your sound to the readers?

I’d say, it’s a bit cinematic. There are a lot of layers and there is a lot of shimmering in the music and since its produced by a classical composer, there are classical elements! 

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Melanie Martinez, Dove Cameron, Stromae just to name a few

How did your music journey start?

I come from a small country town of about 2500 people. I was working as a waitress and it was my goal to move to the nearest big city, which was Montreal.  After a couple years, I finally saved up and moved to Montreal. I was new to the city and my co-workers suggested I try tinder. I met someone on tinder who turned out to be a student studying classical music composition. One night, we went on a karaoke date and he heard me sing. He said that I had a great voice but I didn’t think much of it. Fast forward a few years, we got married and my mother-in-law decided that my husband and I should make music together. And here we are! 

Your debut EP ‘Depth Of My Heart’ is out now, congratulations! You’ve described this EP as a “A Fusion of Cultures and Emotions”, how was the process of making this EP for you?

It was a huge, uphill learning process. I went from being the quietest in the room to all eyes and ears on me.. 

It was very and still is at times nerve-wracking.  But the process was so new to me, I had no choice but to learn quickly and stay on my toes. It was new for both me and my producer to make a Pop EP. It was a lot of trial and error but toward the end, we really found our groove and I feel a unique musical voice arose from it. 

What’s the song you are most excited for people to hear from ‘Depth Of My Heart’?

I feel really connected to “All In My Head” but I am always happy to hear anyone excited about my music! 

Can you explain more about the inspiration behind the lyrics on this EP? Why were these songs you wanted to write?

The lyrics are all personal stories or experiences that I have been through. I can’t sing about things I cannot connect with. But in this EP specifically, the center of the songs is the cycle and process of love.  There is so much conflict and catharsis in relationships, especially when we are young, and I feel that drove most of the music that were on this EP. 

Do you have a favourite lyric or line from the EP?

“I show you my world, it’s fractures and scars, the pieces that make me, the shards all around.”

I feel like that just hits it on the nail sometimes but says it in a beautiful way.  We’re messy but it doesn’t always have to be portrayed in a negative light. We’re human. 

What was it like working with Michael your husband on this EP? What is it you love about working with him?

Michael knows me better than anyone. He knows what I like and also knows how to create beautiful sonic landscapes around the stories that I tell him.  I love that we can really bounce off each other and it taught us a lot about communicating not only as producer/artist but as husband/wife. 

Do you have a favourite memory from recording this EP?

I loved hearing all the music coming together. But a specific memory.. There are too many to pick from. There were so many firsts. I’d say meeting the people I love through this process has been particularly memorable. 

What’s something you want listeners to take away from listening to ‘Depth Of My Heart’?

I want listeners to have felt something. I want them to feel empowered and heard. And at the same time, have a great time listening to the EP. 

What’s next for you?

I am currently working on my second album! One of the songs is complete and it will come out some time in the fall with a special video :) 

And lastly, what music have you been listening to recently? Anything you can recommend to us?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Dove Cameron. I think she has a beautiful fragility and edge to her sound. I love her lyrics too, especially the song “Fragile Things”. Some of her lyrics are so poetic and her voice is so soft and soulful. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for us, it’s really appreciated!

You can listen to 'Depth Of My Heart' by Alaina Pamela here.

You can follow Alaina Pamela here.

You can find all things After Midnight here.


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