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Molly Burman - Debt

Indie pop artist Molly Burman is back with her third single ‘Debt’ and it’s a song that’s sure to make its way into everyone’s playlists this summer.

Molly Burman photographed by Dora Paphides
Molly Burman photographed by Dora Paphides

19 year old Molly Burman is an artist who I have been following for a few months now, especially since the release of her song ‘Everytime’, so I was looking forward to the release of her new single ‘Debt’.

‘Debt’ is a shiny empower-pop song that captures the frustration many women feel on a night out, when a man feels entitled to your body after he bought you a drink. The song is groovy and fun while still having this serious commentary in its lyrics, one that I feel many people will be singing along to this summer as things start to open up again. ‘Debt’ feels positive, even with its serious undertones. It’s a really empowering song and I think that’s something that is super important and needed right now.

The vocals really stand out here to me, I love how smooth they sound especially when paired with the layered guitars. The bass line carries the song, adding more dimension to the bedroom pop sound that Burman creates. The song feels fresh and nostalgic all at the same time, with modern production and musical influences taken straight from the 80’s and 90’s, this song will have you dancing in no time.

Another super exciting thing is that Molly Burman has also just announced her debut EP ‘Fool Me With Flattery’ which will be released on August 20. This is an EP that will definitely be worth listening to, as Molly Burman is an incredible new talent that I think we will be seeing a lot more from in the future. Molly states that the EP “explore the themes of being deceived and disrespected and the EP follows my journey from craving acceptance from others, to finally accepting myself.” It’s a collection of songs that she has written over the last couple of years and recorded and co-produced at home alongside her father.

I am really excited to listen to this EP in full, especially after how much I have enjoyed the songs we have heard so far. They will definitely be soundtracking our summer here, and I feel like they will be with you as well.

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