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May Playlist 2021

I say this every month, but there was so much amazing new music released this month, from the incredible new single from With Confidence, to new albums from Twenty One Pilots and Waterparks. I didn't get a chance to write dedicated reviews for all of the albums or new singles that I wanted to, but it's been busy here in the After Midnight camp. However these are the songs that have been on a loop for the past month, and I hope you will join me in giving them a listen. As always this playlist is on Spotify and our YouTube channel for you to go and listen to, all linked below, it's well worth your time.

With Confidence - Cult

Chloe Moriondo - Favourite Band

Waterparks - Violet!


All Time Low - Time-Bomb

SAINTE - Back 2 Me

Maisie Peters, James Bay - Funeral

nothing,nowhere - fake friend (one take)

Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated

Better Love - Pretending

girlhouse - pretty girl in la

Amber Run - 52 Blue

Fickle Friends - Won’t Hurt Myself

Sam Bishop - The End

Conan Gray - Astronomy

Coldplay - Higher Power

Creeper - Midnight

Hot Mulligan - Featuring Mark Hoppus

Holding Absence - Afterlife

Twenty One Pilots - Never Take It

Merpire - Village

Holly Humberstone - The Walls Are Way Too Thin

The Maine - Lips

All Time Low - Lullabies

Muse - Citizen Erased (XX Anniversary)

Solidarity Not Silence - This Is Sisterhood

I hope you enjoy this month's playlist. Let me know what you have been listening to recently as well, as I would be really interested to find out.

This month we also announced our second After Midnight online festival. The Summer Daze Festival is to support Girls Against and will be hitting your YouTube subscription feeds on June 12 at 7pm. I hope you will join us there and help us to support Girls Against while watching some incredible performances from some amazing artists. You can find more information about Summer Daze on our social media pages and in our blog post, all of which is linked below.

Thanks for reading and listening, as always, until next time...

Listen to the May 2021 playlist on Spotify here.

Listen to the May 2021 playlist on YouTube here.

All other After Midnight links here.

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