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Interview with Ruby Fields

Ruby Fields photographed by Cole Bennetts
Ruby Fields photographed by Cole Bennetts

Australian artist Ruby Fields has just released possibly my favourite sad summer anthem for this year. 'Song About A Boy' is relatable and introspective, paired with guitars and incredible vocals, it's just what we need. I was lucky enough to send Ruby Fields some questions about 'Song About A Boy' as well as her debut album 'Been Doin' It For A Bit' which will be released September 24th, all of which you can read here...

Hi, how are you?

Hey pretty good thanks, just sat down to do this in a little home studio I’m trying to build at the moment and having a little arvo beer.

How would you describe your sound to the readers?

This one’s always a weird one, but I reckon it’s got a bit of everything. The most important thing to me is lyrics whether it’s something funny, honest or very introspective. It’s guitar heavy and nostalgic.

How did your musical journey start?

From a young age I was always into showing off and performing, mostly just breaking mum’s sunflower pots around the house to AC/DC or Queen as a baby. I think my parents knew where it was all heading and have always been super supportive of me pursuing a career in music and bought me my first guitar when I was 11. When I was older I skipped school a lot and found some great places that nurtured my creativity and one of those galleries was owned by my now-manager and long time mate Aaron Girgis (Space 44). I put a band together and played some shows and it all grew from there. Don’t get me wrong, I loved learning, and I’d probably love to study again one day, but this is definitely what I’m supposed to be doing right now.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

Growing up I loved all the classics, but as I grew older I had a way bigger appreciation for all the powerful women in music, especially for their lyrics, like Patti Smith, Kim Gordon, Janis Joplin. These days I’d say artists like Phoebe Bridgers are paving the way. In Australia, I’ve always looked up to the Violent Soho guys; crazy riffs, brutal lyrics and lovely, lovely people. I think I’d seen them play 10 or so times before meeting and becoming mates with them. I’d say they’re a big inspiration.

Your latest single is ‘Song About A Boy’ which has been described as an “electric ode to a past relationship”, is definitely a sad summer anthem for me. How was the process of making this song for you? Was it one that came naturally?

To be honest, I wrote the song like all my others, in a fit of happiness or rage in about 5 minutes on the notes app on my phone and then try to make sense of it and organise it into stanzas on paper for half an hour afterwards and attempt some form of music to go with it. I write a lot of songs like this, I think I was just a bit hesitant to release anything resembling romance, then I just told myself to grow up and release whatever I want.

You’ve said that lyrically “this is a song about your feelings being caught up in someone that’s not right for you” which is a feeling we all know too well, and I love how vulnerable you are on this song. Was this a conscious decision for you?

I always want to make sure my lyrics are relatable and you can’t really connect with people unless it’s genuine. It’s funny though I still feel like my walls are up quite high in that song, like I’m still trying to brush it all off a bit. Either way, I just hope it resonates with people.

Do you have a favourite lyric or line from the song?

My favourite line is probably “you’ve learned that the burning children in us are forward”, I’ve been asked to explain that a few times by my mates but it just means I’ve got a big inner child that makes reckless decisions.

You have also just announced your debut album ‘Been Doin’ It For A Bit’ which is out September 24th, how long have you been working on the album?

From conception to now, years and years. Technically though, the demos were recorded in September 2019 and the final recordings were done at the start of COVID between New Zealand and Byron Bay which brings it to a 2 year journey. I thought I’d be sick of listening to the songs for so long but I love them more and more and have written probably a whole other album since too!

You have described the album as a “declaration of individual and artistic independence that reflects the complexities of growing up, making mistakes and ultimately making peace with one’s fallibility”. I love that description, can you expand more on some of those thoughts?

I have to admit I think that was a press release that wasn’t written by me.. but as a past English Extension 2 student.. my interpretation would be it’s basically about me growing up and reflecting on some shit things I’ve done but accepting that it’s all a part of the journey. I think our entire catalogue is a bit of a followable story.

Does ‘Song About A Boy’ represent the sound of the album as a whole, or is there more diversity within the songs?

There’s definitely diversity in the songs. I’d argue there’s a bit of rock, singer-songwriter, pub songs, a spot of jazz. It’s all a bit experimental for me, but I’m really keen for people to hear it.

What was it like to work with Chris Collins on the album?

Chris Collins is one of my closest friends and quite literally one of the best people at what he does. I’ve worked with Chris on every single song I’ve released and hope to work on the rest of them with him too. He’s like a big brother and every time we work together it’s a really cool combo of creativity and being heard, and drinking beers down the pub. The boys and I have a great relationship with him and call him “Brother Benchmark”.

Which song would you say your are most excited for us to hear?

I think Bruises is the song I’m the most keen for people to hear. Lyrically, it’s the one I’m the most proud of. It’s the first time I’ve delved into topics like religion and abusive relationships.

And lastly, what music have you been listening to recently? Anything you can recommend to us?

I’ve been listening heaps to Adrianne Lenker, the Goon Sax and Fontaines DC. Incredible lyrics.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for us, it’s really appreciated.

Be sure to go and listen to 'Song About A Boy' right now wherever you listen to music. You can also keep up to date with Ruby on here social media pages, linked below as always, so make sure you go and give them a follow.

Let me know what you think about 'Song About A Boy' in the comments here or on our Instagram page, I would love to hear what you all think.

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