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Bring Me The Horizon - Post Human: Survival Horror

Topical, poignant, epic. If I had to describe Bring Me The Horizon’s new EP in three words, those would be the ones. But luckily, I get to describe my feelings on their newest EP in many more words. This EP is reflective of the current times, specifically the covid-19 pandemic. While sticking to their heavy rock/metal genre, the songs seem to have a futuristic and apocalyptic vibe. It has been described as a cyberpunk themed EP, with it’s hard-electronic melodies played over heavy guitars.

After listening to the EP, I felt that each song conveys a different emotion that many people are feeling during this current world situation. Dear Diary, conveys the frustration that many people are currently feeling. The boredom from not being to go anywhere, how it never seems to end and the ever-familiar cabin fever that many of us are currently feeling.

Parasite Eve seems to convey great anxiety and hopelessness as frontman Oli Sykes asks “when we forget the infection, will we remember the lesson?”, which is an important question with regards to the current global pandemic. Teardrops puts across feelings of helplessness, desperation, numbness and depression. The mental health of many around the world has been really affected by this pandemic and I think this song really puts how many are feeling into words really well.

Obey seems to bring us the anger we’ve all felt during this pandemic. The song discusses lies and corruption which is very topical and many would agree with this commentary, but most importantly this song shows that people are aware of what’s going on, despite many attempts to cover certain things up. This song features the great punk rock artist Yungblud, who does an amazing job on this track and has some great music of his own.

Kingslayer is probably my favourite song on this EP, it’s high energy and intense. This song features BABYMETAL who complement Oli and the band surprisingly well. While none of the songs are particularly optimistic, this song does have an element of determination to it but also fantasy. It’s a fun one to listen to. 1x1 featuring Nova Twins is a more personal song for Oli, he has opened up in the lyrics of this song, and I think it will help many people as they will be able to relate to this song like many others on this EP. As a country, it is likely we are in a mental health crisis and songs like these can often help people to understand how they feel and express it.

Ludens discusses the fact that it’s so difficult to reach out to people at the moment which is another thing that’s also affecting many people. Released almost a year ago, before the pandemic, it’s very relevant at the moment. More than it could’ve been predicted at the time. The final song “One Day The Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death…” is completely different to the rest of the EP. It's tranquil and very pretty at the beginning with a long, slow build up towards the end of the EP. The singer featured, Amy Lee (Evanescence), creates very peaceful vibes here and adds another dimension to the song. Definitely a cool way to end the EP.

This EP is very high energy and exciting whilst also having very relatable and relevant lyrics. The emotions on this EP convey how people are currently feeling and is obviously very topical. It also seems to have an element of surrealism with futuristic vibes, but in an apocalyptic way. This is what makes it so fun to listen to. The beginning of the album started out heavy and the intensity was kept up throughout, but suddenly drops off in the end with One Day The Butterflies Left… etc. Many artists were featured on this EP too which kept the songs interesting and different from one another which is what makes it so easy to listen to, as each song has a slightly different style so it never gets boring.

I personally really like this EP, as have many others since it’s release, and you should definitely give it a listen too if you’re into heavier music. Bring Me The Horizon have definitely lifted my spirits by releasing some new music.

Thanks for reading, until next time…

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