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Courtney Jacobs - Heat Dream

Courtney Jacobs second single Heat Dream came out last Friday and it’s another song that won’t be leaving my ears for very long.

Courtney Jacobs is a 21 year old singer songwriter from Houston who has only recently started releasing her solo material after releasing an EP with her band Silver Retriever (which I also highly recommend listening to). Her first single Canary came out last month and at the time I interviewed Courtney about the song and her writing process so if you are interested then please go give that a read to find out more.

Heat Dream is a song that captured me straight away; I love the vocal melody throughout the song and think it really compliments Courtney Jacobs’ voice well. The minimalist style instrumentally has a very nostalgic feeling to it, almost reminiscent of Lorde, and I really like how bass and electronic piano paired with the layered vocals help elevate this sense of nostalgia.

Courtney Jacobs has described the song to be about “a descent into a hazy dream of falling into a lover’s arms after being separated, a chill but romantic song with a heavy drop that is perfect for daydreaming or a night under the covers.” It’s definitely a song for the summer to me, especially with the weather we are having in the UK at the moment. I think the instruments really compliment this for me as well and the hazy feeling the song presents.

Lyrically the song adds to this immensely, going between memories and present, it’s what I like to call a tragic love song, although of course the meaning of the song can vary from listener to listener. The vocals are haunting and won’t leave your head after listening to the song, I can’t wait to hear more as I am really enjoying these two singles a lot and think that Courtney Jacobs has a lot of potential.

Please go and listen to Heat Dream, add it to your playlists and share it with your friends, you won’t regret it. Now is the time to be supporting smaller artists and bands especially during this pandemic when live music is not an option, just adding this song to some of your playlists can really help with the Spotify algorithm and help this song reach more people.

Thank you for reading, please go and listen to Heat Dream and follow Courtney Jacobs on Spotify while you’re there, and if you feel like it then please read the interview we did last month as it’s really interesting to see what the thought process behind ‘Canary’ was.

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