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Interview with Admissions

Hello everyone!

Today we have an interview with Admissions, an alternative indie rock band who have their new single Check It! out now. I really enjoyed listening to the song and can see it being added to so many playlists this summer, mine included of course. I had a chat with the band about their new song, inspiration and what’s next for them, so we can get to know them a little better.

How would you describe your sound to the readers?

We are punchy head turning alternative rock with a wide spread of influences within each band member. We try not to aim towards one specific genre and each song is different and has its own unique feel towards it.

Who would you name as your biggest inspirations musically?

One of the biggest thing with our influences and inspirations is that they are all different and all from different background. We have a real mixture that comes from various different genres as each band member has their own unique taste. If we was going to name a few inspirations we’d say Blondie, Synyster Gates, Alex Turner, Dave Grohl, and Miles Davis. When you listen to the music you can hear how all of those pull together into one.

How has lockdown been for you? What challenges have you faced as a band because of it?

Lockdown came as a bit of a shock for everyone. We had gigs cancelled, recording time cancelled and of course we couldn’t practise at all. We managed to get a few lock down videos up onto YouTube but the pause button was really pressed with all of our plans.

Your new single Check It! has a really punchy sound to it, where did the inspiration for this song come from?

“Check it!” Actually has very little inspiration! The song came about naturally within a practise session and took shape within about half hour and then was adapted throughout making and given a dance-y feel.

What effect are you hoping this song will have on your listeners?

“Check it!” is short, sweet and powerful from the word go. It’s incredibly hard not to want to tap along to the song!

What do you miss most about playing live?

Playing live and being able to share our songs is the best thing about any gig. Getting to see how the audience react to each song. You can never fault the atmosphere at a gig and the good mood that everyone is in.

What’s next for you guys?

Over the next few months we have a lot more music to come! Lots of exciting music, where each song has its own new character compared to the last. We can’t wait to get back gigging again and playing live, we are constantly checking for when that will be.

Anything else you wanted to share?

We’d love if people checked out our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube! And remember how important it is to support the local music scene and local bands!

Thank you so much to Admissions for their time and I will leave all the relevant links below so you can hear Check It! and keep up to date with the band on social media. I will also reinforce the statement that supporting your local music scene and bands

is very important, especially in a time like this. I hope to have a post up soon about this and how you can help too!

Thanks again.

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