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Interview with Sam Bishop

Today we have the second After Midnight interview with Sam Bishop, another excellent artist who's new single 'One Of A Kind' is out now. All the profit's from 'One Of A Kind' are going to the Trussell Trust so if you guys would go and and buy the song or stream it on Spotify, I will link it below.

Hi Sam, could you give a description of your musical style to the readers?

My musical style is definitely relaxed pop or chill indie rock. I like to make easy listening songs that you listen to at night or for a summers day in the car.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

My influences are definitely Bastille, You Me At Six and Sunset Sons. Bastille and Sunset Sons influenced me from a very young age.

How has lockdown been for you? (generally)

Lockdown has been eventful, challenging emotionally and mentally, because of being away from friends and family which is bound to throw you in the dark a little bit.

Have you found that social distancing and being in lockdown has affected how you create music?

In terms of writing it’s given me enough influence and inspiration to create songs and some stuff I wouldn’t usually have the time to make. I’ve been listening to a lot more music, and more variety of artists, which has definitely influenced the way I’ve been writing. Lockdown has definitely played me mind games, overthinking things more than I necessarily should, so it’s given me a chance to make songs about things wouldn’t normally write about.

Can you talk me through the process of writing One Of A Kind?

Writing 'One Of A Kind' started off a nice little idea to send to someone and show how much I was missing them, and it transpired into it being so relevant that it felt right to release it. I wrote the chorus first of all, and then I wrote everything else around that, it all came so naturally. I wrote it and produced it all within the space of a day. It’s the first song I’ve really produced on my own. I did have the help of Robbie Dwyer, a good mix engineer, who was the final piece to get it everything sorted. The process was really smooth and relaxed because I was at home writing it, which I think is why it came so easy and felt so natural to me.

You’ve been donating all the profits from 'One Of A Kind' to The Trussell Trust, which is amazing! Why did you choose this charity to donate to? Can you explain more about them?

All profits from one of a kind are going to the Trusell Trust, and the reason why is because I really can’t imagine being without food at a time like this, and I know there’s thousands of people who are struggling to find the money or resources to source their food, so it felt like completely the right charity to give the money to.

With them every little helps from pennies to thousands so it definitely made sense to go with them. Trusell Trust is a charity that donates food and care packages to those in need in challenging times.

And lastly, what can we expect to hear next from you?

You can expect to hear at least one more single before the end of August; I’m currently working on lots of new material, which is something I’ve never really done before. Usually it’s kind of been one song then I’ll stop for a bit then do another one. I’ve been non-stop recently which means I’m filtering out all the average stuff and getting some really good songs out of this .I have so much inspiration and so much going on in my life right now that I have a lot to write about, these songs are very different to my old stuff but I feel this has shaped me as an artist and made my sound a lot more refined. I feel a lot more confident and comfortable in the stuff I’m releasing and there should be some new stuff very very soon.

I’ve got a lot of people that I’m working with as well, on my team as such, and it’s generally going to be some of the best stuff I’ve ever released. I can’t emphasize that enough, I do feel so comfortable with writing at the moment. There’s been times during lockdown where I’ve felt the loneliest I’ve ever felt, but there’s also been times where I’ve been the most upbeat I’ve ever been, and so those ups and downs have definitely given me good lyrics and it’s definitely given me time to think and make it even stronger, so hopefully soon you’ll be hearing stuff from me. I’ll probably have an announcement in the next month or two about my next single.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, it’s really appreciated.

Everyone needs to go and listen to 'One Of A Kind' now and while you're there listen to Sam's other music and give him a follow too, you will not be disappointed by what's coming next.

Thank You for reading.

'One Of A Kind' is out now, you can listen to it here.

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