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Yungblud - Weird Time Of Life

Despite the lockdown, Yungblud is having a great year. He started off the year by winning an NME award for Best Music Video, he released a song with Denzel Curry, as well as multiple new songs from his upcoming and very much anticipated sophomore album ‘Weird!’, he featured on Bring Me The Horizon song ‘Obey’, and announced a huge tour that includes 5 nights at London’s O2 Forum Kentish Town. Last week he won the MTV Push award and performed at the MTV EMA’S where he was introduced by Dave Grohl no less as “the reason why I think rock and roll is not dead” and “the unstoppable force that is Yungblud”. It’s fair to say that Yungblud is making the best of a bad year.

He is an artist who I find makes the best of the situation, this was seen right back in March as he introduced The Yungblud Show just before lockdown here in the UK started. This is why when he announced the ‘Weird Time of Life Tour’, a virtual tour where he will perform in different ‘cities’ every night to a different online audience, I had to get a ticket.

The show I got a ticket to just so happened to be the first night of the ‘tour’ in London. There were two support acts Baby Queen and Royal And Serpent who were both really good and I recommend you give them a listen. I was already a fan of Baby Queen so to see this before the show started got me even more excited than I already was. It shows that everything has been thought of to try and make this like a real gig, which is something I know we are all missing. It was also cool to see Yungblud highlighting some really great and exciting up and coming bands to such a big audience.

Then of course comes the main act, Yungblud. Full of charisma and energy as always, you know you’re in for a good show. The set was a mix of audience favourites, some new songs we’ve heard and some new songs we haven’t heard. Though the set was quite short, in that time a lot was covered, there were high energy songs that made you want to jump around, sadder songs with an acoustic guitar and even a piano song. If anything, this show got me even more excited for the release of ‘Weird!’ than I am already, the new songs sounded so great and exactly the kinds of songs I want to hear from Yungblud. He performed as if there was a crowd there, it made it feel more intimate and not like you paid for something you could see anywhere.

I would very much recommend getting a ticket for one of the other nights of the tour if you can, it was such a cool evening and honestly these livestream gigs are what’s getting me through this lockdown. They are making me very excited for real gigs to come back, especially if this is the kind of show you’re getting when you’re through a screen in another country.


Strawberry Lipstick

Ice Cream Man (new song)




Mars (new song)

Cotton Candy

It's Quiet In Beverly Hills (new song)

Teresa (new song)

‘Weird!’ is out on December 4th and if you haven’t heard the singles yet then it’s time to give them a listen and get excited. I will be writing another post on its release.

Thank you for reading, your support is very much appreciated. Until next time…

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