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The Best Upcoming Bands and Artists

Hello everyone, today I have some of my favourite upcoming bands and artists for you that I think you will be hearing a lot more from over the next few years. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of these bands and artists recently and wanted to share them with you. Let me know what you think of these songs and who you have been listening to recently that you think I should be listening to as well.

Holly Humberstone

Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to Holly Humberstone with her first single Deep End I have been hooked, waiting for every new song and the EP as I couldn’t wait to hear more. The success Holly Humberstone has seen since that point has been phenomenal and I am so happy that more people are hearing her songs. She has just been announced as one of the artists on the BBC Sound of 2021 Longlist. A deserving achievement.

Hot Mulligan

Hot Mulligan’s second album ‘you’ll be fine’ was released earlier this year and it has been so many people’s favourite emo/pop punk album this year. I love the catchy hooks on their songs and how that is accompanied with clever lyrics that anyone into this scene would love.


Brotherkenzie is Nathan Stocker of Hippo Campus releasing music on his own. After releasing a great album this year full of nostalgic feelings and new sounds I am excited to hear what comes next from Brotherkenzie. He has released an instrumental EP as well that I would recommend listening to.

Baby Queen

Baby Queen’s is someone who’s music I discovered recently and have been loving. Her pop infused songs full of sarcasm and thoughts from our generation is something fresh to hear and the songs are very catchy. It was also great to see her supporting YUNGBLUD on his recent virtual tour and start to gain more attention. I think we will be hearing a lot more from Baby Queen in the future.

The Academic

Irish indie band The Academic have been floating around my radar for a while now, I have enjoyed so many of their releases and think they are great live. I can see them following the footsteps of Sea Girls in the near future and think that many of you will enjoy their music too.

Meet Me @ The Alter

Meet Me @ The Alter are a band I didn’t know much about until they signed to Fueled By Ramen recently. Their throwback pop punk style is super catchy and more of what we need in 2020, I am looking forward to what their journey on this label will have in store for them as it is home to so many great artists (twenty one pilots, Paramore, All Time Low).

Wild Love

Wild Love have quickly become one of my favourite new bands. Seasonal and Tuesday Night are songs that feel so much bigger than they are, and deserve more attention. I have played them countless times and am looking forward to hearing what’s next from Wild Love.


Gnarlah are a dark rock band from Brighton who’s music I have been enjoying recently. They have some great songs with great guitars and explosive energy. I hope to see a lot more from this band in the next few months, and hope that live gigs make a return as well.

China Bears

China Bears are a band I have been listening to since I saw them at Neverworld Festival in 2018 and they have not disappointed me since with their output of music. I have enjoyed all of it. Their indie rock tinged songs with heartfelt lyrics are something everyone needs to listen to.

Arlo Parks

One of my favourite breakthrough artists of this year is Arlo Parks. I got obsessed with her music after the release of Eugene and think she has had an amazing year since. Appearing on songs with Glass Animals, doing the Radio 1 Live Lounge, and announcing her debut album. I think we will be hearing so much more from her over the next few months and I can’t wait.

Luna Bay

Indie rock band Luna Bay caught my attention with their song Call The Night last year, and their music full of catchy hooks and lots of potential. Their new song Operator is great and deserves more attention. I am looking forward to a new EP or single from them in the near future.

Hot Milk

Hot Milk are a self described emo power pop band from Manchester who definitely aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of their band. With co vocalists Jim Shaw and Han Mee they are a breath of fresh ideas that I really enjoy listening to, and think that they would be great live.

I hope you all find something you like on this list. Remember to let me know what upcoming bands and artists you have been listening to recently as well.

Thanks for reading, until next time...

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