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Sam Bishop - Wild Heart

Sam Bishop’s new single Wild Heart came out yesterday and it’s a step in a new but the right direction for his music. Written with Toby Creasy in a forest over lockdown the song carries some of the struggles of not knowing whether to follow your head or heart in these strange times. It’s about “trying to make sense of your emotions while operating in a world full of chaos and confusion”.

The origin of this song is probably one of the most natural ways a collaborative song can come about, it’s something I envy about how Sam and Toby work together so I must congratulate them on that. I think Toby’s guitar work here is incredible and am really excited to see how this progresses more in the future. “It made so much sense to us, being exactly what we wanted it to sound like. We have worked on it for months and months making it stronger and better, the final product is really rich, it’s something we are super proud of, it’s like our baby.”

The added guitars to me add more texture to the song along with the electronic synth sounds and Sam’s vocal. “This song is definitely a step in a different direction for my music, but it’s definitely an advancement. Before I was working a lot on my own and it was a lot of electronic synths or electronic sounding instruments, where as now I’m trying to incorporate a mix of sounding live and electronic”. I think this mix is something that is well done and I agree that it’s a step in the right direction for them. This is what adds something new to Sam’s music and makes it different from previous releases.

The vocals in this song are something the help add to those new textures. I feel like we are seeing more from Sam’s performance and that the vocals really push the song further. “I’m really happy with this song, it’s definitely one of my best lyrically, and probably vocally as well. There’s some techniques I’ve thrown in that I haven’t really used before, and I really wanted to use my vocals as much as I can as I have a fairly large range and not really had a chance to show it. In this song I feel like I really have a bit of a playground for vocality.”

I think that overall Wild Heart is possibly one of Sam Bishop’s best songs to date and I am looking forward to hearing more in the future. “Myself and Toby are working on some stuff for next year at the moment that is definitely going to be a step up even further and a step in the right direction and has a statement of intent.” That’s something we can all look forward to at the moment, and if that’s not enough then there is an acoustic version of Wild Heart on streaming services now. “We decided to release bonus track of an acoustic version of the song as we wrote it in a forest and we felt like doing an intimate and relaxed version of the song, it would be a different dynamic and quite fun as it made a lot of sense to us, something fun to listen to.” I think having the intimate acoustic version is great as to me it’s really great to how the song started and having that insight into the writing process.

Once again, Wild Heart is out now, I will link it for you all below. Make sure you go and give it a listen as it’s definitely worth your time. Congratulations to Sam and Toby on this release and I am excited to see what songs will be produced in the future.

Thanks for reading, until next time…

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