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Rachael Webster - Something About Nihilism

Today sees the release of the incredible ‘Something About Nihilism’ by Rachael Webster. I have been a fan of Rachael’s music for a few months now and have had some of her songs such as ‘Whiskey & Cream’ in rotation in my playlists on Spotify since. So, to say I was excited about this new song is an understatement.

‘Something About Nihilism’ to me sees Rachael expanding as an artist, I feel like we see a different side to Rachael with this song and I really think it’s a step in the right direction for her. This song is different from her last EP, but I feel like here everything seems more open with the different layered guitars, piano and vocals, which I think work really well together. I love the full sound that this song brings, it’s not too overbearing and it fits the ambient pop/rock genre really well.

This song has a catchy chorus that fits right in with the sun shining through my window as I sit and write this, not so much in a summer pop anthem kind of way but more as a chilled summer evening with your friends, something we’ve all been missing. It’s a song that feels familiar yet all new at the same time.

Lyrically, this song is the opposite of that feeling. To me it seems to be about someone who sees the world in a different way to you, a more negative way, and not knowing how to show them how you see the world, or them, in perhaps a more positive light. In a philosophical sense nihilism is the belief that nothing in the world has a real existence, and I think when you add that context to the lyrics in the song it really hits deep.

I think the way this song has been written is very clever and thought provoking and it took me a while to understand what I believe the lyrics to be about, however you may view it differently as song lyrics are subjective and when applied to your own life you can create your own meaning.

Rachael Webster photographed by The Blank Canvas Collective
Rachael Webster photographed by The Blank Canvas Collective

Though this song may not come crashing in and take your attention straight away, it really hits the mark and I think Rachael Webster has a lot of potential with her incredible lyrical perception and catchy choruses and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. ‘Something About Nihilism’ is not a song you should sleep on, it’s well worth a listen so make sure you go and add it all of your playlists and show it the love it deserves.

Rachael Webster will also be performing at our Summer Daze Festival to support Girls Against next week on June 12 so make sure you tune in to our YouTube channel at 7pm so that you don’t miss the performance!

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