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Interview with Wings Of Desire

Indie band Wings Of Desire have recently released their new song 'Choose A Life' along with their new EP 'Amun-Ra'. I caught up with them to talk about the creation of the song and EP as well as their live show plans.

Hi, how are you?

Hi there, we are well. Thank you.

How would you describe your sound to the readers?

Spiritual / Industrial / Sophisti-indie

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

Krautrock, Berlin-era Bowie, Early Noughties New York and Factory records.

How did your musical journey start?

Picking up a bass (that someone left at my childhood home) and trying to learn John Frusciante guitar parts on it. (Which was interesting).

Your latest single ‘Choose A Life’ is said to explore “finding joy in the smaller moments of the everyday, the mundane, those micro expressions that we take for granted”. Why did you decide this was something you had to write a song about?

I feel like we as a society put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve what we want to achieve, sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses.

Do you have a favourite lyric or line from the song?

What will it be

A home or a prison cell?

You cannot make it right

If you don’t even love yourself

What was the process of creating ‘Choose A Life’ like for you?

With Choose A life I was definitely looking back at my life and thinking just how quickly these moments pass us by, i feel like writing for me is a way of me putting parts of my life in a time capsule so i can remember them forever.

With this song, you also announced the release of your EP ‘Amun-Ra’ which is out now! This EP is said to be more of a “inwardly focused journey of self-discovery” compared to your debut. What more can you tell us about the EP?

Yeah it certainly feels that way when I listen back, the EP deals with ageing quite a bit. I feel like its the sound of being knocked down and getting back up over and over and over again till you get it ‘right’. And learning to accept that which you cannot control, things just flow more when you learn to let go.

Does ‘Choose A Life’ represent the full sonics of the EP for you, or are there more styles of music yet to be heard?

I feel like every song on the EP offers something different, I’m a particular fan of the wide screen Americana sound we captured on Forgive and Forget. Makes me want to drive across the dessert.

What do you hope listeners will take away from ‘Amun-Ra’?

We would like our listeners to feel uplifted and inspired during this very difficult time on Earth.

With everything opening up again this summer, do you have any plans for live shows anytime soon?

Yes we are playing our first headline show at The Seabright Arms in London on the 27th of September and we are also making our first festival appearance on the BBC introducing stage at Live At Lydiard.

And lastly, what music have you been listening to recently? Anything you can recommend for us?

Wunderhorse - Teal

Nation Of Language - This Fractured Mind

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for us, it's really appreciated.

Please make sure you go and give Wings Of Desire a follow on their social media platforms and 'Amun-Ra' a listen, it's definitely worth your time!

Thanks for reading, until next time...

Listen to 'Choose A Life' on Spotify here.

Listen to 'Amun-Ra' on Spotify here.

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