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Interview with The Early Mornings

The Early Mornings photographed by Through The Eyes of Ruby
The Early Mornings photographed by Through The Eyes of Ruby

The Early Mornings are a post punk band from Manchester who have just released their new single 'Days Spent' along with the announcement of their forthcoming EP 'Unnecessary Creation' which is out on June 18. I caught up with Danny from the band to talk about 'Days Spent', recording 'Unnecessary Creation' in just one day, and their plans for live shows this year.

Hi, how are you?

That’s a good album.

How would you describe your sound to the readers?

Melodic basslines interchange with angular guitar parts and succinct drumming, narrated with a poetic nonchalance. Somewhere between art rock/post-punk/pop.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Some of our absolute faves we all agree on are The Breeders, The Velvet Underground, The Feelies, The Raincoats, The Kinks. Annie used to be obsessed with Pete Doherty in her early teens and I think we'll always have a special place in our hearts for the indie of that time like, The Strokes especially. She also grew up around folk music and I remember the first time she played me Bert Jansch I was mesmerised.

Can you give us a bit of a history of the band?

Annie and I met about 7 years ago. It took a while before I actually heard her play guitar but we knew we had to make music together. We struggled to find a drummer for a while but luckily Rhys responded to an ad we put out and we knew he was right after the first practice. We played our first gig at the end of 2018 and released our first single in January 2020.

Your new single ‘Days Spent’ is out now. How did this song come together for you guys?

It's one of our newer songs, I think we played it a few times before lockdown. If memory serves, I wrote the bassline and recorded it quickly so I wouldn't forget it and then Annie heard it and started to build the rest of the song around that. The outro was originally another song that we didn't quite know what to do with, until we realised it made the perfect ending for Days Spent.

Has the pandemic added any extra challenges to your writing or recording process?

Not really actually. If anything it's probably helped in that we could focus on finishing some new songs and getting the EP ready, as we didn't have to think about live shows.

What was the main inspiration for the lyrics? Do you have a favourite lyric or line in the song?

Annie collects lines from all of my poems and scattered bits of writing. I don't really enjoy writing within the constraints of a song - as in needing a certain number of syllables etc. and Annie knows what she needs for the vocals so this method works nicely for us. I'd probably say the first line is my favourite - Perfect weather to get sacked…

The Early Mornings photographed by Through The Eyes of Ruby
The Early Mornings photographed by Through The Eyes of Ruby

‘Days Spent’ is taken from your upcoming EP ‘Unnecessary Creation’, what can you tell us about the EP? Is ‘Days Spent’ an accurate representation of the rest of the EP?

It's our first extended release so we've had some of these songs for a while and some are brand new. Each song represents a different aspect of our music, we always want each song to feel different and have its own identity. Days Spent is on the more frenetic, post-punky side.

I think it’s super interesting that you have recorded this EP in just one day. How did you find that experience?

We didn't plan it that way, but Will who recorded us just kept on encouraging us to do one more. It was live so it made sense to continue while we were set up. We were pretty exhausted at the end.

With the world opening up again, do you guys have any plans for live shows anytime soon?

Yeah just starting to fill up the schedule now. We're up in Leeds on the 25th June, 9th Sept (Paper Dresses, LDN), 27th Sept (YES Manchester), and then back-to-back nights with Porridge Radio at The White Hotel in November. I'm sure there will be more coming soon as well.

And lastly, what music have you guys been listening to recently? Anything you can recommend to us?

Lewsberg released an album last year that is brilliant. There's also Legss, Dry Cleaning, Lithics, Table Sugar, The Shifters, Perspex, Mush, Humint, Potpourri, Roxy Girls and loads more I'm forgetting.

The Early Mornings photographed by Through The Eyes of Ruby
The Early Mornings photographed by Through The Eyes of Ruby

Thanks so much to The Early Mornings for taking the time to answer these questions for us, it's really appreciated. Be sure to go and listen to 'Days Spent' out now wherever you listen to music. I will leave the link to the band's Spotify and Bandcamp below.

Thanks for reading, until next time...

Listen to Days Spent on Spotify here.

Follow The Early Mornings on Spotify here.

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