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Interview with POLKER

Alternative rock band POLKER have just released their new song 'Louder By The Sea' I caught up with the band to talk about the inspiration behind the song, re-recording it and what's next for them.

Hi, how are you?

Good thank you! Keeping busy!

How would you describe your sound to the readers?

I'd like to think that we sound like Jeff Buckley and Soundgarden had a baby, but even I acknowledge that's a bit of a stretch! This latest release is more representory of the sound we have now, a sound that we are happier with than before, large and atmospheric, a little shoegazy, but rooted in catchy melodies and hooks, hopefully something that sticks with people long after they first hear it.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

Apart from the aforementioned, big influences for this most recent single are numerous, Nothing But Thieves rings a bell, as well as Sam Fender and his most recent stuff. Hayley Williams most recent two albums, and her acoustic EP have been span probably a few too many times, basically anything with great vocals and a unique sound, something that grabs you from its first line and doesn't let go, that was the mission statement.

How did your musical journey start?

We all started at about 14 funnily enough, playing at local pubs and clubs, doing cover material for years, trying to get used to being in front of albeit modest crowds, and trying to be taken seriously amongst the older and more established acts. We stopped at university age as we all went to do our own thing, then over the past 2 years started writing and performing our own stuff. Obviously with hindsight wasn't really the best time to do that, current global nightmares obviously having quite the effect on the music industry as a whole, but its given us time to write and hone in on a sound and songs that we are almost happy with.

Your new song ‘Louder By The Sea’ is out now, congratulations! How was the process of making this song for you?

Thank you! It couldn't have been a more pleasant experience. Finding a producer was tricky at first, we were chasing a sound that I think we didn't even fully understand, but we found the amazing team at Matchbox Productions through our musical compartriate Jessica Luise. She recorded her debut EP there (which is an amazing listen btw) and I sat in on a session during that time, and was very impressed with the work that Joe and Oli over there were doing, super insightful, knowledgeable, and talented to boot. Their band, The A.V Club are produced out of their also, and although our sound is different to their previous work, they nailed it right off the bat, we couldn't be happier.

You said on your Instagram page that this song was released a few years ago, but that ‘it never sat right’ with you. What made you decide to go back and re-record this song?

We had a version of this song back in our days as a covers band, and, with hindsight quite foolishly, recorded it when it really wasn't finished, and the result really didn't sound all that good. It was a rush job, and we did not understand at all what goes into producing a song; what even is mastering, and why do we need to pay money for it? Can't you just press a button or something? Needless to say, the sound was terrible, the song wasn't much better, and you can rest easy knowing everything to do with it has been painstakingly removed from existence, so it can't hurt anyone's ears ever again.

Could you explain more about the inspiration behind the lyrics in this song?

I think it's about spectacle, things that inspire awe in you when you see or hear them, huge vistas, towering buildings, incredible songs, points of inspiration, or the things in life that are a cause for pause, and need a moment to truly take in; but more importantly, the poignancy of these things when they are shared with someone else, or the desire for you to show someone else that, and the hope that they take something from it too.

Do you have a favourite lyric or line?

In this song, not particularly; when I occasionally listen back to it I just want to hear it for the sound, and the feelings it evokes for me personally, but gun to the head I'd say " Hear it, it's only for you and me". That's the distilled essence of, for me, what the song is saying, all of these things are great, but it's much better with someone to appreciate it with.

What do you hope listeners will take away from listening to ‘Louder By The Sea’?

I'd hope that they, when they can, take in those special moments, and be more conscious of them when they appear, they are seldom and fleeting most of the time, but if you can take a breath and a second extra to appreciate them when you are in them, they take on more meaning, and can be kept for that much longer.

What’s next for you? Is ‘Louder By The Sea’ part of a bigger project?

I'd like to think so. We have already had such a good reception from people who have heard snippets, which means a lot, and it's really a door opening to a new sound for us, the beginning of a new time in our lives, where we are dedicating as much as we can to making music. We are in the process of recording our debut EP, again with Matchbox Productions, with what I'd like to believe is our best stuff yet, and we're dedicating more time to creating content for the people who want to see it, those who have supported us through this formative time, and hopefully the people who pick us up on the way.

I feel like ‘Louder By The Sea’ will sound huge in a live setting. Now that things are opening up again, do you have any plans for shows?

Thanks! We're hoping so too, playing live is such an important thing for us as a band, we enjoy it more than anything, and the people who make it out seem to enjoy it too. We can really turn up the dial live, and get to play the music in a different and engaging way so we're really excited to get on the road with it. We've got some dates booked for around the North, a few shows in Liverpool and Manchester, and a few closer to home, plus some cool live lounge-esque appearances to make towards the end of the year, so there's plenty of opportunity to come out and have a good time with us.

And lastly, what music have you been listening to recently? Anything you can recommend to us?

Well as aforementioned, our friend Jessica Luise has just released her 'Going In Blind' EP, which is a great listen, and our friends The A.V club have just released two amazing nostalgia filled singles which are well worth checking out. Apart from that, The Black Keys new album is a welcome return to form, Beabadoobee's debut album is amazing, and James Blake's past couple of releases, although different from his previous stuff, are seminal as always, he's going far that kid.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for us, it’s really appreciated.

Make sure you go and give 'Louder By The Sea' a listen and follow POLKER on all of their social media pages so you don't miss out on any future releases.

Thanks for reading, until next time...

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