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Interview with Fowler

Hello everyone! Today I have an interview for you with talented alt-pop artist Fowler. 'Don't You Say' is his new single, out now, and it's a great new song for the summer. I got the chance to ask Fowler some questions about the new song, and how it came together over Zoom, missing live shows and his biggest musical inspirations. Be sure to give the song a listen on your preferred streaming platform and play it all through the summer.

Hi Fowler, how are you?

Hey! Yeah, so good at the moment, really excited to have my new single Don’t You Say Out on all platforms! It’s been a long time coming!

How would you describe your sound to the readers?

My sound is always evolving. I started off writing very acoustic, ballad-based music, centred around my piano playing. But I have made an executive decision to start writing music that I would listen too! My last single 'Dressed In Black' was the progression stages into that, and now 'Don’t You Say' is most definitely where I want to be. A very alt-pop, funk-based foundation!

Who would you say are your biggest musical inspirations?

I’ve got so many, originally it was definitely bands like Keane, The Police, Embrace and solo artists like Sting and Bruce Springsteen. I would now say that Franc Moody, Bon Iver, Harry Styles and Glass Animals are musicians I like to draw from as much as I can and who inspire me to write the music I do.

Your new song ‘Don’t You Say’ has just dropped and I love the sound it has. It was made over Zoom calls through the lockdown, can you explain more about the process of making this song?

Yeah! Myself and my friend Erlend Odens Klovning wrote this over Zoom at the end of last year. We basically just wanted to write a song that was upbeat, catchy and a song for summer, as I haven’t released anything like that before, but it definitely won’t be the last time! It’s definitely a new sound that I am exploring as an artist, but it’s a path I am really excited to go down. We started out with the backing track and getting that to pop before we wrote lyrics and layered the vocals. It was such a fast-moving process as I always believe my best songs are written in short spaces of time.

How challenging did you find it to adapt to making music in the lockdown? Was it something that came naturally to you or did it take some time to get used to?

I did a whole cover series to keep me entertained as well as writing, but I don’t feel like it halted my ability to create at all. I have my little set up in my room and amazing producers at my disposal due to having studied music at university, so if anything it allowed me to create more!

What was the main inspiration behind the lyrics for this song?

I wanted to write a song that everyone can relate to, and just write a song about a situation which is common in everyone’s lives. It’s just a classic breakup song with a bit of an edge! I think when lyrics are relatable to listeners, it instantly hits home more and becomes a song worth listening to.

Is there anything you want listeners to take away from the song after hearing it?

I just want to make people dance and have a good time really. I believe that ‘Don’t You Say’ is a song for every moment and is very listenable! Everyone will take the message in a different way but that’s the point of lyrics. People should be able to relate it to specific situations in their past.

Live shows are something that we are all missing a lot right now. What’s something that you miss the most about playing shows?

I just miss the buzz and atmosphere of being on stage, and the gentle murmur of the crowd watching you! There is nothing quite like having your music received well by a crowd, it makes the whole process worth it if people enjoy it!

Can we expect to hear more from you any time soon? Are there any plans for more music in the future?

Yes! I have a lot of exciting developments in the pipeline ready for 2021. There is more music being written as we speak, and songs ready to go. I just want to keep releasing singles quick and fast so be ready!

And lastly, what have you been listening to recently? Any music that you can recommend to us?

I’ve been listening to a whole range of music recently. A lot of Daniel Ceasar, I’m loving a song called ‘The Studio’ by Jacknife Lee, and also Rabbit Hole by Billy Vena!

Thank you so much to Fowler for taking the time to answer those questions for us, it's really appreciated. I'm looking forward to hearing more from Fowler in the future and i think he's someone you should all be looking out for as well. You can follow Fowler on social media, linked below, as well as all of the After Midnight channels, we've got a lot of exciting things on the way.

Thanks for reading, until next time...

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