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Glass Animals - Streamland

Last Thursday Glass Animals held a streaming event online where they performed live for the first time since their third album Dreamland was released. It was something both me and my friend was really looking forward to as it’s the closest we’ve come to live music for months now, neither of us having been to a concert since last year. As usually avid concert goers to say we were excited was an understatement.

Visually the concert was stunning, the whole stage seemingly made of screens which made for some great shots, as well as the trademark palm trees surrounding the stage. There were some guests performing too and overall the show felt as real as it could from my uni bedroom.

The setlist for the concert was great too, it was really good to hear some of the new songs live as well as some classic fan favourites. The energy the band brought to the set was incredible and I think that’s what made it seem more real. They were performing as if it were in front of an audience. You could tell that the band had really thought about every element to the show.

Hearing Dreamland live for me was incredible, that song being one of the stand outs for me on the album, it sounded just as real as on record. It was a great way to start the show off as well. The transition from Dreamland into Life Itself made me way more excited than I should’ve been as that carried the energy right through and made it feel euphoric to the online audience.

Tangerine with Arlo Parks was amazing, two artists who I really enjoy listening to collaborating together to bring us a new version of the song. It made the stream feel more special which as I mentioned before, is something you can tell the band really tried to do.

Dancer Kanah Flex made an appearance during Hazey for some incredible dancing that left us open mouthed, that was definitely something unique for the show.

As always The Other Side Of Paradise was an energetic performance that saw frontman Dave Bayley give it all and really hit home with those lyrics especially in the bridge. Heat Waves being one of my other favourites from the new album was great too, definitely one to sing along to in the empty house we had last week. Youth brought back those nostalgic vibes we've all been chasing throughout lockdown and of course ending on fan favourite Pork Soda would go down well too.

Glass Animals really set the bar high for the rest of the virtual concerts to come, and I can’t wait for more. I applaud them for this effort and showing that even though we can't go to real gigs at the moment there are still ways to celebrate and enjoy music.



Life Itself

Tangerine (with Arlo Parks)

Hazey (with Kanah Flex)

Black Mambo

Hot Sugar

Tokyo Drifting (with Denzel Curry on screen)

The Other Side of Paradise

Space Ghost Coast To Coast

Heat Waves

Season 2 Episode 3


Your Love (Deja Vu)


Pork Soda

Thanks for reading, let me know what virtual shows you've been enjoying or have tickets to in the comments, I am always open to hear what you guys have to say.

Until next time...

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