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February Playlist 2021

Hello everyone, I am back again with another playlist for you. I said last month that I had listened to a lot of music, and I think I beat that this month. There was so much new music being released and so many new songs I discovered that I have had on repeat and have to share with you. As always, this doesn't cover everything I've listened to but it's the songs i kept coming back to and had on repeat. It's a bit of a longer playlist than some of the others but it's a really good listen, I've been enjoying it a lot over the last week or so as I started to put it together. It's filled with mainly new music this month, though there are a few throwbacks in there...This month I have also put the playlist on our YouTube channel as well, so if you prefer listening over there then now you can! Anyway, that's enough rambling for now, here's the February playlist for 2021.

Paramore - For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic

Wallows - Remember When

Rachael Webster - Whiskey & Cream

Wild Love - Heavy

(No video for Heavy)

Crystal Tides - Headcase

Foo Fighters - Making A Fire

Chase Petra - Contractual

IDK HOW - Kiss Goodnight

Pale Waves - Tomorrow

James Kennedy - Outragers

Spyres - Otherside

Gender Roles - Dead or Alive

nothing, nowhere - upside down

The Regrettes - Colouring Book

Night Tapes - Fever Dream Kids

Conan Gray - Overdrive

Friedberg - Lizzy

Trash Boat - He’s So Good

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

Hayley Williams - Just A Lover

Electric Century - Till We’re Gone

Bored At My Grandmas House - Skin

girlhouse - knuckle tattoo

Sunflower Bean - twentytwo

Kayleigh Goldsworthy - Jamie

Johan Kull - Home

Wolf Alice - The Last Man On Earth

That's about it for this month, it's been a busy one for us over here at After Midnight. Thank you so much again to everyone who is and continues to support us with our endeavours, especially to those who have watched our After Midnight Festival (if you haven't, it's still on YouTube...) and donated to Music Venue Trust, that night really meant a lot to me and you all filled my heart with your kind words.

Another thing before I leave you be, I now have a New Music playlist on Spotify as well that I am always updating, there are some really cool songs in there by some incredible bands so it would be great if you could give it a listen and a follow. Or if you have any suggestions or submissions for the playlist then let me know by contacting me on social media or by emailing us at

Thanks for reading, until next time...

Listen to the February 2021 playlist on Spotify here.

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