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Bands That Define The 90's

Written by someone who wasn't born yet.

I was born in 2001, just over the cusp of a new decade and a new century. I was brought up with the music from the early 2000’s and defined my music taste with the music of the 2010’s.

However, there are some bands that I’ve really started to love over the last 5 years or so that defined era’s in music before I was born, some that are still releasing music that I get excited over, and some that don’t. I wanted to share with you some of the bands I think of when I think of music that defines the 90’s for me. What bands do I think of when I think of that era in time, and that paved the way for some of the bands that have defined my life?

Just a disclaimer that this list is very much tainted with the style of music I like and in no way does this list encompass the whole of the 90’s.


Nirvana are one of the first bands that anyone thinks of when thinking of the 90’s. They are arguably one of the most influential bands ever and definitely still make an impact today. With three incredible albums before their tragic demise, Nirvana are a band that made alternative music what we know it to be, with their grunge sound that changes the rock world forever. If you haven’t listened properly to a Nirvana album then I highly suggest that you do that.

Must Listen Tracks: Lithium, Come As You Are, Heart Shaped Box, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Aneurysm, In Bloom, About A Girl, Polly.

Green Day

Green Day to me are the band that changed the punk scene, or at least brought it back into the mainstream after the more electronic leaning 80’s. They are another band that have influenced a generation of musicians and still do to this day, with their infectious guitar riffs that everyone recognises and relatable lyrics that speak to the emotions of younger generations. In 1994 their third album Dookie was released and it’s one of the era’s defining albums. I recommend listening to it if you haven’t.

Must Listen Tracks: Basket Case, Longview, She, When I Come Around, Redundant, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), Minority, American Idiot, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Letterbomb, East Jesus Nowhere, Still Breathing.


Radiohead are a band that catapulted into the music scene with the release of ‘Creep’ a song that has gone down in history as a classic. They are a band that are not afraid to experiment and their 1997 album ‘OK Computer’ proves that, the album is one of my favourites and changed how I looked at music.

Must Listen Tracks: Creep, Karma Police, Let Down, No Surprises, Paranoid Android, Fake Plastic Trees, Burn The Witch, Daydreaming, Pyramid Song, Idioteque, Exit Music.


Oasis are one of the UK’s biggest bands. Their debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’ was the fastest selling album in British history and with many hits under their belt it’s easy to see why they have dominated British culture, even 11 years after the band split.

Must Listen Tracks: Champagne Supernova, Don’t Look Back In Anger, Half The World Away, Wonderwall, Live Forever.


Blink-182 are the biggest pop punk band ever, and paved the way for many bands to follow. They have many iconic albums and with their catchy hooks and lyrics it’s easy to see why. They were seen as a more radio friendly and playful band compared to some of the other punk and hardcore bands of the time, and you will still find yourself singing along to ‘What’s My Age Again?’ whenever it comes on the radio.

Must Listen Tracks: All The Small Things, What’s My Age Again?, I Miss You, First Date, Going Away To College, Reckless Abandon, Anthem Pt.2.

There are so many other bands that I’d like to talk about but I don’t want this list to be too long, so here are some other mentions:

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blur, Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine,The Cranberries, Pixies, The Stone Roses, Manic Street Preachers.

This would be so much harder for me to do with the 2000’s or 2010’s, but maybe I’ll give it a go, or split it into more genres and do it that way. Let me know if that’s something you would like to see.

Thank you for reading, I hopefully have some exciting things on the way but until next time…

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