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August Playlist 2021

The summer has come to a close, but with that comes the August playlist. There was so much new music out this month and I was also revisiting a lot of music that came out last year again and of course with the return of gigs I have been listening to a lot of music by the bands I saw play a show.

Creeper - Hiding With Boys

The Regrettes - Dead Wrong

With Confidence - Paper

Trampolene - Shoot The Lights

Lorde - California

Electric Century - Dope Sick

Bleachers - Stop Making This Hurt

The Strokes - The Adults Are Talking

ROAM - Playing Fiction

POLKER - Louder By The Sea

Creeper - Ghosts Over Calvary

London Grammar - America

Foals - Spanish Sahara

Paramore - All I Wanted

Miss Vincent - Heresy

Fall Out Boy - I Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers

Boston Manor - Carbon Mono

Salem - Throat

Trash Boat - Maladaptive Daydreaming

Waterparks - Rare

Doll Skin - Love Is Dead And We Killed Her

Boston Manor - Flowers In Your Dustbin

CHVRCHES - Nightmares

Lorde - Mood Ring

Lauran Hibberd - You Never Looked So Cool

Creeper - Damned And Doomed

I hope you enjoy these playlists I make every month, I like to revisit some older ones and see what songs I had running through my head at a certain point, it's a bit like a diary as such for me. Please let me know what songs you have been listening to over the last month or so as well, I always love to hear what recommendations you have.

Thanks for reading, until next time...

Listen to the August 2021 Playlist on Spotify here.

Listen to the August 2021 Playlist on YouTube here.

All After Midnight links here.

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