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Architects - For Those That Wish To Exist

They say that if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb. So we must be looking at quiet times ahead because March began like a force 10 hurricane with the release of Architects 9th album, For Those That Wish To Exist. And bringing in that lion analogy as well, this album is leader of the pride.

Yes here is the shock people…a metalcore album that your Dad will also love.

Formed in Brighton ion 2004 by twin brothers Dan & Tom Searle, Architects have been through a number of line-up changes with Dan being the only original member since the death of his brother Tom from skin cancer in 2016.

Over their existence what this has created, whether intentionally or not, is their longevity as they crash and burn their way through variety of musical ideas but still cling to the title of metalcore in the undercore. This in turn has shaped their existence beyond that of most others sitting under that metalcore banner.

So what you get from For Those That Wish To Exist is hard, heavy rage lying seamlessly beside beautiful melodic rock with a vicious bite. What you also get is music that is approachable, not destined to be playing at some point in the afternoon at Download Festival, but showing pretentious of headliner material.

From the soft slow build of the album opener Do You Dream Of Armageddon which powers into the second single Black Lungs, you know that this is going to be what hell of a ride. And it is, with its switch back beats, high powered bites and lows dreamlike moments, this album is a perfect combination of mood swings and mosh pit friendliness. Of course we get those heavy hard machine gun tracks Architects are know for like Goliath & the forth single Meteor which may be beyond those not use to that style of rock, but they are placed alongside a superior collection of well considered tracks that take you on a journey of pure adrenalin.

Tracks like Giving Blood, Dead Butterflies, the album's first single Animals and An Ordinary Extinction are world class tracks battling alongside Linkin Park’s finest, while the respite that comes from Flight Without Feathers and Dying Is Absolutely Safe are true poignant blessings.

The production on this album is sublime, perfectly balanced and considered, with gentle moments placed alongside chaotic feasts of guitar noise that’ll have you running at hyper speed.

The first time I saw Architects play was at Leeds Festival back in 2017 and I was impressed. I’ve listened to For Those That Wish To Exist and they have moved into my top ten favourite artists, such is this albums statue. Obviously Architects wish to exist and you’d be at odds not to notice them.

Thanks for reading, until next time...

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