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After Midnight Radio: Episode 7

Hello everyone, I am back with another episode of After Midnight Radio for you all! As always, I hope you enjoy the show, and the music - I try to make sure there's a variety for you all with each episode whilst also playing the songs that I have been loving.

You can listen to the full show on the Radio Platfform Mixcloud here.

And you can listen to the Spotify playlist for this show here.

I hope you enjoy!

Soccer Mommy - Shotgun

Etta Marcus - Girls That Play

Sydney Sprague - Underwater Boi 

Good Boy Daisy - Terrify 

Brooke Bentham - Perform For You

India Electric Co - After The Flood 

Hannah Grae - Better Now You’re Gone

Ultra Q - Waiting 

China Bears - Easy Kill

Queen Cult - Be Better 

Brake Loose - LOVE ON FIRE

Paramore - Running Out Of Time 

The Beths - Jump Rope Gazers

Anthony Green - You’ll Be Fine 

Swim School - To Grow

Rebecca Hurn - turbulence 

Boygenius - Emily I’m Sorry 

Sea Girls - Paracetamol Blues 

Charlotte Cornfield - In My Corner

Lo Moon - Loveless 

pinkpirate - Nowhere

Yours Truly - Heartsleeve 

Green Day - Coma City 

Unflirt - Crush

Fall Out Boy - Favourite Record 

Nothing But Thieves - Soda

until next time...


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