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After Midnight Radio Episode 1

Hello everyone, here's the playlist for After Midnight Radio Episode 1!

You can listen to the full episode here.

You can find this playlist on Spotify here.

CHVRCHES - Final Girl

L.S.Dunes - Benadryl Subreddit

CLT DRP - I See My Body Through You

Dayseeker - Homesick

Fall Out Boy - Heaven, Iowa

crysometimes - something that matters 

Rosie Shaw - Living Without You

Wolf Alice - Delicious Things 

Boston Manor - Brand New Kids

nothing,nowhere feat. Pete Wentz - CYAN1DE

Cassyette - Mayhem

Sydney Sprague - object permanence 

Swim School - kill you 

Swim Deep feat. Dept - Good News

Ethel Cain - American Teenager

Dylan feat. Bastille - Liar Liar

Queen Cult - Woman That I Know

Spiritbox - Jaded

Etta Marcus - Hide & Seek

Leith - Love Vibes 

MUNA - Around U 

Softcult - Uzumaki

Trash Boat - Cannibal

twenty one pilots - the hype 

Holding Absence - Birdcage 

My Chemical Romance - The Foundations of Decay

Paramore - Crave

Until next time...


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