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Interview with Tizane

Hello everyone, today I have an interview for you with the indie pop singer Tizane. Her new single ‘He Took It Back’ is out now and it’s a great song with haunting vocals and modern production. Please give it a listen, I will have the video at some point in the post and I will link it down below as well. She is definitely an artist worth checking out.

How would you describe your sound to the readers?

‘Ethereal Techno’. Is there such a thing? Well, there is now. Actually, I draught my songs on acoustic guitar and then build all the parts on my computer.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

I draw from a fairly broad pallet which stretches back to the likes of Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks to the less likely ‘latter-dayers’ like Mac Miller and Moses Sumney.

If I had to pick one – the Desert Island influence, it would be Mac Miller. I loved his fearless production techniques and lyrical concepts. His death moved me greatly, but his music is still inside me.

How did you get started with writing music?

My mum is a great singer with a hint of ‘Stage’ about her. She had been in a few working bands in her younger years so there was always a music thing going on in the house. I started playing instruments in my pre-teens, guitars, keys, anything really. I was the child who would be annoying everybody by bashing biscuit tins and stuff. To be honest I have an absolute instrument fetish and waste all my money buying up odd looking guitars and drum pads. I’m always skint.

I love the sound on your new single ‘He Took It All Back’, what was the process of making this song like?

Well, I’m glad you like it. It is very representative of my work, both lyrically and musically. I can’t remember if I’d been toying with the lyric or the music first – it’s either/or with me. Generally, most of the songs come from acoustic guitar upwards, but sometimes it’s the narrative that provides the start point. Call me crazy but sometimes they even come from dream. I’ll wake up in the morning full of an idea that literally presented itself to me in the middle of some nocturnal nonsense, and I’ll urgently scratch it down on a notepad.

How was working with George Kimpton as your mentor?

He’s a real sweetheart. He’s very creative and I trust his instincts on stuff. He’s become like a grandad to me.

Lyrically this song is quite introspective, where did the inspiration for this song come from?

I think it’s fair to say that there’s a note of introspection that runs through most of my songs. I’ve led a pretty reclusive lifestyle and all those years of self-imposed solitary confinement have created shadows that lurk inside the music.

In my earlier teens I suffered terribly with anxiety issues which took their toll on both my school and social life. It’s really only in the last year or two that ‘I’ve started to fuck it off and function more confidently.

What can we expect to hear from you next?

I hope to put out another single, ‘Are you Bad?’ In the next month or two, and then I’ll drop the debut album, ‘Cherry’ in January 21. Cherry is completely finished. Sixteen tracks which will come as a gatefold double vinyl – and to say I’m excited would be something of a minor understatement.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, it’s really appreciated.

Everyone go and listen to ‘He Took It All Back’ and add it to all your playlists, I know I will be. Be sure to follow Tizane on social media for updates about her music and her forthcoming debut album.

Thank you for reading, until next time…

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