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Sam Bishop - Fallen Sky

Photograph by Connor Dunne

Hello everyone!

Today saw the release of indie artist Sam Bishop’s new single Fallen Sky. This song is definitely a step up for Sam in terms of his musical style and song writing, and definitely something you should check out. I had a chat with Sam about this song and where his inspiration came from, and I found a lot of his points really interesting.

When I listened to the song one of the first things that really struck me was the use of synths and more electronic instruments, that’s not something we’ve heard a lot from Sam Bishop’s music before but I thought it worked really well, especially with the different layers that were mixing together. “The process was very simple and came very naturally, I wanted the song to have an electro, synthy sound, something that wouldn’t seem out of place on a film soundtrack.” That’s definitely something I can sense coming from the song, it reminded me a lot of different 80’s themed soundtracks that are set at night time. It’s very much a ‘night’ song for me, which I love. “The idea for the song itself came from watching Fight Club and Mad Max, both films which are completely anarchic and apocalyptic. It made me think of the hypothetical end of the world and wondering what I would regret or who I would wish to spend my final moments with.”

The second main thing that really caught my attention with the song was how good the vocals sounded, we all know that Sam Bishop has a good voice and anyone who has seen him perform live can testify to that as well, but they really stuck out to me in this song. I guess we should really thank Robbie Dwyer who mixed the track for that too. “I feel like this song is vocally rich and has a lot of deep layers, it sounds quite Bastille-esque in the haunting yet anthemic chorus.” That is another thing I agree with, I could definitely hear the Bastille inspiration in this song, which is never a bad thing of course, and I could see this fitting in with the Doom Days concept very well too.

To me, this song shows how well you can make songs in your own bedrooms, music is definitely something that you should be able to express and create anywhere, but this song in particular is testament to how well you can create music from the comfort of your own homes. Fallen Sky is definitely Sam Bishop’s strongest song to date and I can’t wait to see what comes next from him. “I do really feel like this song has something for everyone, I want this to be the song people associate me with, it defines my music taste while also breaking the conventions of my previous releases.”

You can listen to Fallen Sky by Sam Bishop right now, it’s out on all streaming platforms and I will leave a link at the end of this post for you guys too.

You can also go and read the interview I did with Sam a few weeks ago right here on After Midnight, so be sure to go and give that a read if you haven’t already to find out more about Sam and his music style, and how making music during lockdown has been.

Thanks again.

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