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The Academic - Acting My Age EP

Irish indie rock band The Academic are back, this time with their new EP Acting My Age. I have been a fan of The Academic for a while now, especially since their triumphant performance at Community Festival last year. This EP has been highly anticipated by many and it does not disappoint. This to me puts The Academic up there with fellow indie rock bands like Sea Girls. It definitely creates a sound for the summer and these songs will be in many playlists across the country this year.

The EP opens with the 80’s sounding Anything Could Happen, which is straight up catchy indie music. Something that caught me throughout the EP was the really fun guitar hooks, like the opening of Unspoken, that are on almost every song. It’s a very youthful sound with lyrics to match.

The vocals here are another stand out for me, the performance is really good and I love the overall tone of them throughout the EP. I especially like this in the song Acting My Age, probably my favourite song from the EP as it has a balance of being a catchy indie song that won’t leave your head and lyrics that are the opposite. I guess that says more about me though, how I like songs that sound happy with darker undertones…

The last song Them is probably the only song on the EP without these catchy guitar hooks and it really shows a different side to the band for me. I love this song. It’s haunting and heart-breaking, maybe not the triumphant end to the EP that you may have expected, but it leaves you wanting more. Again the whole execution of this EP is great and it captures a moment in time for the band. Yes, it’s about youth and young love, but it’s also about growing up and the tribulations that may bring with the other topics of the EP.

This whole EP was very enjoyable for me to listen to, especially if you want to forget the world for a bit. If you want some fun indie for your summer then look no further than The Academic.

Let me know if you like this EP in the comments or on our social media pages, I want to know what you guys think too. The Academic are on tour later this year too and I would really recommend seeing them live, especially with these new songs, that will definitely be a fun night. If you want me to cover more of The Academic’s music then let me know too, be sure to check out their other music as it’s all great as well as Acting My Age.

Favourite Songs: Acting My Age, Unspoken, Sunroof, Them.


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