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Nothing But Thieves - Real Love Song

A band who you can always count on to produce some good quality alternative rock songs are Nothing But Thieves. Real Love Song, the second single from the new upcoming album Moral Panic is no exception.

This song has been playing around my head since its release on Tuesday evening, and I am not bored of it yet and probably won’t be for a long time. I love the vocals in this song as always and the catchy riff that is repeated through the song is testament to how good this band is. The soaring chorus is easily my favourite part of the song, it hits you hard, building up with each play until the end of the song where Conor Mason’s vocals hit the high we’ve been waiting for the whole song and it definitely delivers.

The lyrics talk about how the persona wants to sing someone a real love song that includes all the dark parts of love but is afraid to though their love for this person ‘won’t go away’. ‘Can I sing this to you?’ Reflects on whether it would be appropriate to show the deep real love felt and this is reflected hugely in the music and vocal performance on this song. I like this concept for a song as it doesn’t censor any bad parts of love, which makes it real. This is a ‘Real Love Song’ and not all of the clichés on the radio, according to Nothing But Thieves anyway, and I really see that in the song and it adds a lot more depth to the song.

As always the musical elements of this song are immaculate, drums and bass drive through the song and the guitars work together well to enhance each other as well as the song and its lyrical content. I like the new elements they are starting to incorporate into their music too and am excited to see how this evolves more on the album.

Nothing But Thieves are here to stay and I am very much looking forward to the new album out in October, as I have loved every past release by the band and know that I can count on them to release something spectacular, especially after hearing these two recent singles.

Please go and listen to this song, it is well worth your time and if you haven’t already heard the amazing back catalogue of this band I urge you to give it a listen to, you won’t be disappointed.


Real Love Song is out now and you can listen to it here. Follow Nothing But Thieves on Spotify here.

Pre-Order Moral Panic here.

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