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How To Help The Music Industry During COVID-19

During the coronavirus pandemic a lot of people are losing work in all industries, but as this blog focuses on the music industry I thought I’d share some ways you can help your favourite artists and venues. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone, I am lucky to have a great family who are helping to make these strange times a little easier, but I am aware not everyone does. If anyone is feeling lonely at all and wants to talk about something music related (I know that’s what make feel better) then I am happy to talk, send an email to the blog email, comment on this post or on the Facebook page, and we can try and make the world a slightly less lonely place.

Anyway, here are some ideas for ways you can support the music industry during COVID-19.

Buy Merchandise

Every band or venue has merchandise. A t-shirt, a mug, a tote bag, pin badges, these are just some of the items you might find in online stores. It is well known that the best way to support your favourite bands directly is through merchandise, so if like me you’ve been deliberating buying that new band t-shirt, no time is better than now to buy it. Some bands and companies like DIY are releasing some exclusive t-shirts for this time too.

Support Indie Record Stores

Although we can’t go out to our favourite independent record stores, many of them are still selling records online and offering free UK delivery or discounted prices. Some are even adding some extras in your order as a thank you for supporting them in these tough times.

Here are some of my favourite indie record stores that I’ve bought from previously (either in store or online)

  • Spillers Records


  • Banquet Records

  • Resident

  • Rough Trade Records

Watch Livestreams

Many artists and bands are livestreaming from their homes to connect with their listeners, some playing songs, some hosting quizzes, some giving guitar lessons, some just chatting. I’ve watched a few of these and they have been quite entertaining, it’s a way for you to see your favourite artists in an intimate setting.

Some of the artists I’ve seen do some of these are Yungblud, Dan Smith (Bastille), Chris Martin (Coldplay), All Time Low, Whenyoung, Frank Iero, Lucas Woodland (Holding Absence), Palaye Royale, Frank Turner, plus many more. These have been happening on platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitch.

Some artists have also been using these livestreams to collect money to donate to charity or to help fund themselves as self-employed artists. Of course this is completely optional but if you are interested, many artists have been using Patreon to do this, while then giving exclusive content to those who have donated.

Support Local Venues

Venues are losing a lot of money in these times. A lot of gigs are being cancelled, bars are closed and everyone is isolating, therefore they have no income. Some venues are collecting donations if you would like to help, some are providing different services or even setting up hotlines to talk to those who are feeling vulnerable. Most venues also have merchandise like t-shirts or a mug, again, now is the time to get that t-shirt you’ve had your eye on.

Share Music

This is something we can all do! Share the music you’ve been listening to, whether this is on social media or by word of mouth, every little helps. This is the time to find new bands or listen to that album you’ve been meaning to, I know I have been. Something I’m doing is sharing on Instagram any songs I’ve been really enjoying, or what record I’m listening to, promoting bands when I can. Or start your own record club from your home, post about why you like what you’ve been listening to and get others to join the conversation.

So there we have some ideas about how you can help the music industry during COVID-19. As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments, or what livestreams you’ve been tuning into.

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