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Reviewing My Discover Weekly

The Discover Weekly feature on Spotify is something that I think is very interesting. As someone who is always looking for more new music to listen to or another band to discover I think it’s a really good idea, and though I’ve listened to my playlist a few times in the past I thought this week I would sit down and listen to it properly, let you know what’s in my playlist for the week and what I think of each song. As always, there’s some songs here I haven’t heard of before, some artists whose names interest me but I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. This week there is only one son gin my playlist that I have definitely heard before and that is Monochrome by Holding Absence, though I’ve never played Holding Absence on Spotify before so it’s interesting that the song is in my playlist.

If you have Spotify I urge you to listen to your playlists too as we all have the time now and I think it’s very interesting, and who knows maybe you’ll discover your next favourite band.

Between You and I – Witterquick

The first thing that hits me about this song is the vocal, I really like the vocal here. The chorus remind some of some 2000’s rock choruses even though at first the song sounds like a more modern pop track. The emotion in the chorus is what really pulls you in. The instrumental ending shows that the band has more potential too. Overall I’m really enjoying this song and will be listening to more by Witterquick.

Blue In The Dark – Bearings

Again, a strong vocal performance here, I like the softer sound though it sounds like the band could pull off rock really well. Another band I will be listening to more of in the future. This song will probably end up on my summer playlist this year, I really like the laidback feeling here, though it’s not really an acoustic song, though there’s acoustic guitars.

Polaroid – The Pale White

The Pale White are a band I’ve heard of before but haven’t had the chance to properly listen to. Again I’m really enjoying this straight away, so far Spotify are doing a good job. Catchy guitar riff and chorus here, good indie rock feeling. I’m a sucker for good indie rock, so anything in that vein will be something I enjoy. This song reminds me of Blossoms but with more guitar, and I like that. Good choice.

I Dare You – The Regrettes

I saw The Regrettes supporting Twenty One Pilots on tour last year, so I have an idea of what to expect here. Catchy chorus, something I could see myself getting into more. Another song I think I’ll be listening to more as the summer gets closer.

She Moves – James and the Cold Gun

I like the tone of the guitars straight away, the heaviness works. I’ve never heard of this band but I’m surprised that I haven’t, I know a lot of people who would like this or that listen to similar bands. I like the pre-chorus and the urgency of the song as a whole. The slightly subdued vocals work here too. I am really enjoying this song. Reminds me of Boston Manor.

The Sun Is Dim – Coast to Coast

Heart wrenching lyrics open the song. This is in the vein of 2000’s rock to me, the type of music I’d hear playing in my Dad’s car as he would listen to new music for my parents music magazine. For that reason it feels nostalgic to me. I am enjoying the song though, the desperation and emotion in the vocals carry the song.

Foolish Believer – Broadside

The vocals here remind me of Palaye Royale, though the style of song is different, more light hearted than some of Palaye Royale’s music. Again some heart wrenching lyrics, I guess you can tell I’ve been listening to a lot of Frank Iero, MCR and All Time Low this week. This band sounds like if you could mix All Time Low and Palaye Royale but with more urgency? I’m not sure if that makes sense. I do prefer the first half of this song though.

Mary – Teenage Wrist

Teenage Wrist are another band I’ve heard of but not listened to properly yet. I’m really enjoying this song though, I like the vocal delivery and pace of it. The opening guitar line works better in the song than as an opening line to me. The chorus is one I think will be in my head after this, and I will be listening to more Teenage Wrist after this too. The heavier feeling of the bridge works well too, if you are a fan of guitar rock like Nothing But Thieves then I would give this a listen.

Figure It Out – Orla Gartland

Orla Gartland is someone I do know about so I have an idea of what I’m expecting this song to sound like. I think this song is in my playlist because of listening to Maisie Peters or Brooke Bentham. Though this has more electric guitar in the chorus (almost St.Vincent esque), and an urgency that maybe you don’t hear in the other artists. The lyrics are good here and I can see why so many people like Orla Gartland’s music. The chorus kind of reminds me of Lilly Allen too, but more current.

Tune in, Drop Out – Beach Riot

I like this song almost instantly. I like the guitars with the style of vocal here. This band sounds really interesting and I think I’ll be listening to more, just to see what other things they’ve done. Another summer type song for me, but with more guitars which is cool. I would recommend you give Beach Riot a listen.

The Great Deceiver – Saltwater Sun

I like the power in this song, it feels like a pop song but with heavier guitars instead of synths. This is a really interesting song too, I like the lyrics here. I can see myself getting into more of this to. I like the layered vocals in the last choruses; I think that works really well.

St. Cecilia’s – Animal Flag

I like the intro to this song. The style reminds me of SWMRS On their debut album, with softer vocals. This is another band I’m surprised i haven’t heard of before, I really like this style of music and know others who do too. I’ll definitely be looking more into Animal Flag after this. I like the lyrics here too, they kind of have a nostalgic feeling to them, and we all know how much I like that by now. Another great choice.

Something Good – The Damned Things

Not sure if I like the intro to the song, but the first verse is good. The vocal performance is urgent and it works, sounds like a band that would be good live. I think I’ll be listening to more of this in the future. The final chorus is really good.

The Bad List – Z Berg, Ryan Ross

Ryan Ross is someone I do know, from Panic! At The Disco fame, but I have never heard of Z Berg so I think this could be interesting but I’m not sure what it will sound like. This sounds like it’s from a movie or a musical. The piano is capturing with the haunting vocals, sounds like a sad Christmas song. Though this is a good song, I’m not sure how much more I’ll be listening to. It seems like a strange song to have in between all the others on this list.

Breath – Hold Close

I like this from the start, the layers of instruments and the softer vocal in the American indie rock summer nostalgia style this song has so far. The heavier chorus works well, again with the heart wrenching lyrics. I’m enjoying this song though and can see myself listening to more, again reminds me of Boston Manor if they were American.

Monochrome – Holding Absence

Holding Absence are a band I do know, and Monochrome is a song I’ve heard before too, but I will still write my thoughts here as I have been doing. It’s interesting how Spotify have picked Holding Absence out for me, as I’ve not listened to them on Spotify before and I guess it shows that these discover weekly playlists do what they’re meant to, as you can see from what I’ve been saying about the other songs too. The vocal performance is strong here, I like the guitars too. The chorus is catchy and does get stuck in my head. I like the pre-chorus a lot, and the layering of vocals. The softer parts of the vocal are really effective.

Sedona – JunkBunny

This is another American punk rock song, I think the bass and guitars are really good, the vocal performance in the chorus is strong too. I might listen to more of this band, but I do prefer other things in this playlist more. If you’re into punk rock or heavy rock than I recommend listening to JunkBunny and they sound like a band that would be good live too.

Mental Breakdown – Story Untold

Story Untold are another band I’ve heard of but haven’t had the chance to listen to yet. I know some people who like the band though so I’m expecting to like this. I like the vocal performance here, and the drumming. The build-up and layered vocals are interesting. I’m not sure the chorus is as strong as it could be though considering all of that. I like the verses and pre-chorus a lot though. The ending instrumental is strong.

Go to Sleep Kimberly – Superet

This reminds me of IDK HOW almost straight away, that’s not a bad thing. The verses could be stronger though, I like the chorus and it shows what potential the band could have. Not sure how much of this I can see myself listening to in the future, but if you like bands like IDK HOW then I’d definitely give this a listen.

Evil Side – The Dirty Nil

I like this intro almost instantly, the texture of the vocal is good too. I like the style of this song. Reminds me of Badflower, another band I like. I think the chorus is emotional and works really well. I think I’ll be listening to more of this in the future. I like the build-up this song has, and those of you who know me know how much I like a good build-up in a song. The layered guitars work well too. Definitely worth a listen.

Fake Blood – Heart Attack Man

This reminds me of more pop punk from the 90’s, blink-182 style. This is an enjoyable song though, I like the verses and as the song goes on I’m enjoying the chorus more. One to listen to in the summer while sat in the garden when you want the nostalgic vibe with some angst.

Headrush – Hands Like Houses

This reminds me of Fall Out Boy, but with more of a slightly heavier style. The vocal is more like older Panic! At The Disco too. The song is catchy, and I can imagine it being good live, it’s a song worth listening to. Again surprised I haven’t heard of Hands Like Houses before.

Cave In – I The Mighty

This has more of an All Time Low feel to it. I am enjoying this song, the vocal is strong and it works with the emotional performance. This is a good alternative rock song if you like that style of music. I will probably listen to more of I The Mighty in the future too.


This song is more of a British indie rock song in its style, with the vocals and the chorus but the guitars in the intro sound more like they were influenced by pop punk. The choruses are catchy, and I can see this being performed live. I think I’ll listen to more of PAPER MILL to see what their other songs sound like, whether this is their heavier or lighter side; it’s an enjoyable song though.

Digital Love – Cj Pandit

The vocal here reminds me of Kings Of Leon, though the song itself is slightly lighter and has more keyboards in it along with the indie guitars. It’ll be interesting to hear what Cj Pandit’s other songs sound like. The style of the song writing reminds me of Passenger too, with its story telling.

Tokyo Diamond Eyes – Night Riots

I like this song instantly, reminds me of The Killers with more electronica and Imagine Dragons influence, with a night time summer feeling. I think the verses could be stronger though, it’s an interesting song. The lighter feeling the song has is nice to hear too.

Turn You On – Cherry Pools

This song draws me in instantly, I like the indie guitars and the vocals here are really good. The summer nostalgia feelings are present here again, it reminds me of Circa Waves and The Neighbourhood. I like the bridge, I think the clean pop sound works well with the indie guitars and I will probably listen to more from this band.

Not Done Yet – I Fight Dragons

The chorus here is strong; I like the layering done there too. The guitar bridge is good, and the vocal performance is clean. Though I still think the chorus is the best part of the song, with it’s almost anthemic feel. I might listen to more by I Fight Dragons but again there’s more on the list that I’d listen to first.

It Is What It Is – Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade are another band I’ve heard of before, I probably know a few of their songs but I’m not completely familiar with their music. This song sounds familiar. It’s a good classic feeling rock song so give it a listen if you’re into that. The vocal performance is strong and the lyrics are captivating, I like the tone of the voice too. The guitar solo is the part of the song that sounds familiar to me. Mayday Parade are one of those classic American punk rock bands, so again if you like that than this is probably something you would like.

Debbie – Single By Sunday

I like the guitar licks in the intro of this song. This is a fun upbeat indie style song, like early The 1975 with a different vocalist. The chorus is catchy, and if you like catchy indie music then I would listen to Single By Sunday, the songs sounds clean but I’d like more, though there’s a lot of energy here, and I think the band have potential.

So there we have it, the review of my Discover Weekly playlist by Spotify. Overall I really enjoyed a lot of these songs and will be revisiting some of the bands on this list, so Spotify did a good job in curating this playlist, which is what we were testing here. Of course, as the playlist changes weekly perhaps not every week will be as good, and it does depend a lot on what you’ve been listening to a lot recently on Spotify, another thing we could see clearly here.

Thanks for reading, I know this post was a long one, I wasn’t expecting it to be as long as this but here we are, leave a comment below if you like any of these track too or if you’ll give any of them a listen. Let me know if you end up listening to your Discover Weekly playlists too and discovering any new bands or artists you like.

Thanks again.

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